More modern and safer

Our medical diagnostic laboratory has been enriched by a new laboratory equipment. Thanks to a grant received from the Cross-border cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013, we purchased a fume cupboard, which is a specialized, encased in chemical extract that is used for conducting of laboratory work with chemicals. This device is designed to remove harmful substances by means of continuous ventilation system from the premises of the laboratory.
-Reagents used to examine, among others, the CSF while suspecting tick-borne encephalitis contain toxic substances. The fume cupboard will be used to carry out tests of cerebrospinal fluid of the patients with suspicion of tick-borne encephalitis – explains Dr of medical sciences Iwona Ponurkiewicz, the head of the Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.
Purchase was necessary because the previous fume cupboard was exploited. Newly purchased fume cupboard meets all requirements in terms of security and functionality.