Realization of the Project „Development of transborder cooperation in the scope of prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases transmitted by ticks in the regions of their endemic occurrence in the Polish-Belarusian borderland” was started with the scientific conference “Diseases diseases transmitted by ticks”. It took place at Białowieski Hotel and lasted two days from 19 to 20 September 2013. In the conference took part 80 doctors and diagnosticians, among them 30 from Belarus.
The conference was opened by the manager of the IPHCU In Hajnówka, Grzegorz Toamaszuk, who welcomed the guests and presented a short outline of the realized project. The first lecture was delivered by Prof Dr hab. Sławomir Pancewicz on the subject ”Threats of some tick-borne diseases”. Next lecture was Prof Dr.hab. Joanna Zajkowska who presented the subject ”Neuro-Lyme disease and contemporary methods of diagnosis of Lyme disease”. After a short break Doctor of medicine Anna Grzeszcz gave her lecture presenting the subject “Human granulocyte anaplasmosis – present knowledge”. The last person during the first day of the conference who gave a lecture was Michał Kasperek, from the firm Novartis. The lecture concerned “Prophylaxis of tick-borne diseases”.
During the conference there was time for discussion. Our guests had a lot of questions to lecturers. General practitioners both from Poland and Belarus asked about practical attitude towards the subject of tick-borne diseases, particularly on the subject of a diagnosis of diseases and recommendations to refer a patient to specialist clinics.
On the second day of the conference, on 20 September, the guests listened to the lecture of doctor of medicine Justyna Filipiuk employed at IPHCU in Hajnówka on the subject “Cases of tick-borne encephalitis in the Hajnówka county in the years 1995-2012”. In conclusion the guests and lecturers were thanked for very interesting presentations. On the same day the participants of the conference explored Bialowieza.